Have you ever thought about creating your own blockchain?!? Well now you can within the ARK ecosystem! Ark is a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) blockchain where users can create their own fully customized blockchains within minutes. How does it work? Let’s dig in some more . . .

ARK takes the confusing technology of smart contracts and turns it into something anyone can do with ease. ARK provides unique services for single customers, development teams and large enterprises alike. The ARK ecosystem comprises of several amazing products including a complete suite of development tools for blockchain developers, both desktop and mobile wallets, a custom SDK and much more. The ARK network boasts 8 second block times and also allows for staking ARK for even better rewards.

One of the most exciting things coming up for ARK is the network update to ARKv3! The update includes many advances and bug fixes to make the ARK ecosystem even more user friendly. A new node manager is being released along with a deployment and explorer as well.

Another amazing part of ARK is that it is tradeable on Binance! ARK is currently priced at $1.64 at the time of writing, with a market cap of $217,250,973.00 and is ranked #184 at Coin Marketcap. ARK has a circulating supply of 131,961,633.48 ARK with a 24 hour trading volume of $60,103,585.00. There are many exciting things coming for ARK and it is currently a great buying opportunity for the coin.

If you are thinking about creating your own blockchain, smart plug-in (smart contract) or looking for the next hot crypto on Binance definitelty give ARK a deep look. For more details and information on ARK please see their web site at ARK.io and there are a number of helpful videos all concerning the ARK ecosystem on YouTube. Thanks for reading and see you on the ARK!


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