bitbank, a Japan-based bitcoin & crypto exchange company, has announced that the performance of its exchange matching engine has been successfully upgraded.

Specifically, bitbank’s matching engine order-throughput is now about four times higher than before.

With bitbank’s changes to the system architecture of the matching engine, the execution level has been significantly improved compared to the previous version.

As a result, bitbank has enabled users to execute orders with higher stability and speed as follows:

  • Order acceptance performance: Approx. 4x higher
  • Execution performance: Approx. 2x higher
  • API response performance: Approx. 1.5x higher

Recently, the crypto asset market has been booming with active transactions by foreign and individual investors. Under these circumstances, we regard our trading system as an important lifeline in a crypto-asset exchange. In October 2019, we have carried out a large-scale renewal of the matching engine. This time, the processing capacity has been further improved by approximately 4 times, compared to the previous version. In response to the expected further expansion of individual investors’ transactions in the market, we will provide a system that enables them to trade under the safe and secure trading environment. bitbank will continue to review its system configuration on an ongoing basis to ensure there are no delays in order acceptance and execution even during the period of high trading volume and strive to provide high-quality services to improve customer satisfaction. In addition, in order to provide a more comfortable trading environment, we will strive to improve our services and provide new functions by responding to customer requests.”
– The bitbank Team

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