At Airdrop Alert, we’re always at the frontlines of the crypto industry. We educate our community on different ways to earn crypto. Plus, we’re keeping an eye on the rising trends that happen on different blockchains. If you check the timestamp, we were one of the first platforms to explain what NFTs are, and today we’re here to teach you how to earn with NFTs.

This is part of the value we can bring to crypto-curious people. As we know our audience isn’t afraid to be the first ones to dip their toes into new waters. Before we get started on NFTs, make sure to check our previous series of How to Earn on Defi and How to Earn cryptocurrency. Which combined, got nearly 400,000 reads.

Now let’s get started.

6 Ways to Earn With NFTs

There are more ways to go about it. Earning crypto with NFTs can be done from any level of crypto knowledge. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a savvy crypto investor that’s been around the block. Anyone can start creating passive income streams with NFTs. Even if you don’t hold any, or have any money to invest.

But like usual, money creates more money. So if you have some ETH to start with, the road to riches will be easier. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start with zero investments. This is crypto, and anything is possible.

Some of the ways to earn with NFTs require an investment, and some don’t. Let’s start with an easy one for now.

1] NFT Airdrops

Surprise, surprise, we start with airdrops. Of course at Airdrop Alert, this is one of the first things we look at. As experts in the airdrop industry, we’ll break this down into a few categories.

NFT Holder Airdrops

You hold an NFT and you get another one. That’s how easy it is.

To bring value to the NFT communities, many of the NFT series will airdrop free NFTs into your wallet for holding one already.

We covered an extensive blog on 8 different ones, which you can find here. It includes the infamous Mutant Ape Serum airdrop, the Lazy Lion Bungalow airdrop, and more.

NFT holder Airdrops

NFT Platform Airdrops

A great way to earn with NFTs is being an early user. Several NFT platforms airdrop their native token to people who are using the platform. Whether you’re minting NFTs, buying or selling them, you get paid rewards.

The most famous airdrops like this are from Rarible and Superrare.

And recently there have been some rumors of Opensea has plans to create their own token, which they could possibly airdrop to its users as well.

Regular & Upcoming NFT Airdrops

Of course, you have your regular NFT airdrops. Projects will give you free NFTs for completing tasks to support the project or play certain games to earn NFTs.

Each NFT giveaway will have its own set of rules, and you can find a comprehensive list here.

Not convinced yet? You can check out this list of some of the bigger NFT airdrops of the past. Some people were able to bag a lot of cash.

And by the way, if you think airdrops are useless. You might want to fact-check that in the list above. As The Crypto Punks, one of the most expensive NFTs in history were airdropped back in 2017.

2] Create Your Own NFT and Start Earning ETH

Be honest, you have thought about this one right?

With NFT sales that go into millions of dollars, the thought must have crossed your mind to mint your own NFT and make that money.

You can mint an artwork and list it on one of the NFT marketplaces. We created a guide early this year to walk you through minting your first NFT on Mintable, Opensea, or Rarible.

Not only will you earn on the original sales, but you can also receive royalties forever on secondary sales if you put that in the smart contract.

For this one, you’re going to need a bit of ETH to start with to cover the minting cost. It cost gas to mint an NFT. Thus you’re gonna need some Ethereum in your wallet to get started.

3] Play to Earn

Some avid gamers have found a way to create sustainable income with gaming, it’s called Play to Earn.

Early this year, Axie Infinity started a new trend. Where gamers can earn cryptocurrency while they are playing.

Start earning NFTs from home

Play-to-Earn or P2E is a gaming model where gamers earn rewards for playing and participating in the gaming ecosystem. These types of rewards are paid as in-game assets and could be in the form of anything, like in-game gadgets or trading cards. They are NFTs, and you can sell these on the secondary market.

Got it?

Of course, we regularly list Play 2 Earn games on Airdrop Alert. Most recently we listed Monsta Infinite, a P2E game on the Binance Smart chain. And a few weeks ago we published a list of 7 Play to Earn Games, including Splinterlands and Berserk.

One last note on Play to Earn games on the blockchain. Players are earning crypto while they play. But sometimes you get extra rewards after the fact. As an example, Axie Infinity recently airdropped AXS tokens to all early players. This was a big surprise to the whole industry. This one player Danny, even got $2 Million worth of tokens for being an early player. For playing the game one year ago. It pays to be an early adaptor sometimes. Mindblowing!

4] Trade NFTs on Marketplaces

If you have a little bit of ETH to spare. You can start trading or flipping NFTs on the secondary market.

This is a bit more complicated than it sounds, however many NFT traders are made hundreds of ETH this year by simply investing in NFTs and selling them at higher prices. This strategy is often used with the popular profile picture NFTs, also called PFPs.

You either mint a new NFT series, then sell it at a higher price. Like the famous Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) were minted for 0.08 ETH back in May 2021, while the cheapest ones sell for 40ETH now. With high-end sales that go into the millions.

Or you snipe (buy) a rare one from a series, and list that at a higher price until someone buys it of you. This strategy requires a bit of knowledge of the field and you should use a few tools like RaritySniper or Rarity.Tools.

Be careful, cause this game becomes addicting real fast!

Happy hunting.

5] Stake Your NFT to Earn With Your Asset

You can stake Ethereum, Stake CAKE, but now you can also stake NFTs.

Arguably, this is the most difficult on the list. What does that even mean?

Well, it means that you can temporarily lock your NFT on a platform, and you earn income while it’s locked there. Just like any tokenized asset, NFTs can be staked and generate passive income.

A few platforms you want to check out are:

6] Earn With NFTs With Twitter Giveaways

This one is the easiest, it’s free, but there is never any guarantee.

You’ve seen them. The “like, retweet and follow” tweets where you can win a free NFT.

Earn with NFTs
Earn with NFTs

Does it work?

Absolutely. We’ve seen several happy NFT fans this week winning a free NFT, with the easiest thing you can do. Just like, tag some friends and follow the account that is giving away this NFT.

Hey, you might not always win. You probably will not win most of the time. But it is costing you less than a minute to join. So why not give it a shot?

One tip tho, make sure to have over 100 followers and tweet something every day about yourself, crypto, or anything else that is not giveaway-related. Most people don’t like bots to enter their giveaways. And an account that has a few followers and is only retweeting NFT giveaways looks a bit botty.

Things You Need To Earn with NFTs

A few things you surely need to earn with NFTs are:

One Last Thing

That’s it. Now you know how you can earn with NFTs, just like thousands of people are already doing by now. This is a totally new sector in cryptocurrency, and we’re happy to help you get started.

If our blog helped you, please share this with your friends on social media and tag us @airdropalertcom on Twitter or Facebook. We’re always delighted to hear from our community, and you can help us spread the word.

There are plenty of people out there that want to get started, but don’t know how to. Let’s help them.

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