Ojamu Announces The First-Ever IDO Of Its OJA Token On Three Different Token Launchpads




Ojamu, a MarTech-based platform based in Singapore, has announced today its will be launching its first-ever initial DEX offering (IDO) for its native token on three separate token launchpads.

As per the announcement, Ojamu will be using three launchpads, namely, PAID Network India, Ignition, and PAID Network Asia, to launch its native token, OJA.

The first launch will be on the PAID Network India and will take place on October 5, 2021, while the second launch will take place on October 6, on PAID Network Asia. Notably, both platforms are yet to be announced. Ojamu will reportedly be the first project to launch on these platforms. The last launch will then take place on the Ignition launchpad on October 7. 

For the launch, Ojamu plans to supply 2,542,373 OJA tokens with a selling price of $0.1180 each. This will amount to about $300,000, which will be divided among the three platforms. 

The OJA tokens were created to help various utility functions within the platform. The tokens can be used as a marketplace token to access NFTs and other utilities. It can also be used in the governance process by allowing holders to vote on various issues within the Ojamu ecosystem.




Ojamu is a digital marketing platform that uses blockchain and Artificial intelligence technologies to analyze hundreds of millions of data points for its users. The platform ensures users access real-time and relevant recommendations, making it possible to discover unexplored data clusters and audiences. Reportedly, the platform seeks to allow brand owners to explore new opportunities through access to relevant data.  

Ojamu offers a cross-chain solution by builds on multiple leading blockchains, including Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Polkadot, to create and offer the most effective digital marketing strategy. 

The news comes merely days after the marketing platform successfully completed its oversubscribed private sale that raised $1.7 million. The funding round notably saw the participation of A195 Capital, Genesis Block Ventures,  Ascensive Assets, Master Ventures, Moonrock Capital, Chain Capital, Morningstar Ventures, X21, Waterdrip Capital, Vendetta Capital,  and many other investors.

For media inquiries, please contact: Fateh Singh, fateh@ojamu.com 

For further information, visithttps://www.ojamu.com/ 

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