The future of tokenized social platforms has finally arrived! Introducing Viblos, the world’s first free social network that generates wealth for individuals and companies alike. Stop letting major companies harvest and use your personal data while getting nothing in return. Let’s take a deeper look into Viblos and learn exactly how it works.

Viblos is all about decentralization and allows its users to monetize their interactions through their enterprise platform. Content creators can also benefit with Viblos by validating their works before introducing them to the general public through an algorithmic validation model. Viblos brings a very unique earning opportunity to both users and creators. One of the best parts about Viblos is that you decide who sees your content. Show off your work to specific groups of followers or individuals with specific audience targeting. Users of the Viblos platform can also earn money by choosing to view ads across the network while they browse. Don’t want to see ads? That’s ok too as you have full control of what you see when using Viblos and also complete freedom of expression to show anything you like.

The team at Viblos has also created a VIBLO token to facilitate transactions across the network. VIBLO is positioned on the Binance Smart Chain, has a total supply of 3,000,000,000 and an issuance price of $0.0009. Viblos also boasts a video platform where users can simultaneously share their photos and other types of content. This allows you to generate income in multiple ways, even passively, without ever having to upload content. Viblos pays you for your data, unlike other platforms that do not pay you anything for your privacy.

Viblos has taken the world by storm and is the future of how social networks will work. People have grown tired of major companies harvesting and seling their data with nothing to show for it in the end. Viblos gives full control to their users and remember, your data and private information have a lot of value. Do not give it away for nothing when you can earn from it everyday at Viblos!


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