Solana has emerged as one of the frontrunners in pioneering the NFT experience for the crypto community. Solana-based NFTs are creating ripples in the crypto market for the right reasons. The network has 50K TPS with a transaction fee of $0.00025 and 400 milliseconds of immediate block finality. Recently, it is the Solana PFP NFTs that are steering the growth in the NFT market.  

Solana Art is the biggest NFT marketplace for transacting in Solana PFP NFTs. They have emphasized an easy UX so that users can seamlessly explore and trade in  PFP NFTs. On average, Solana Art records almost 7K daily sales with a daily trading volume of around 51K SOL. Just connect a Solana-compatible wallet (Trust Wallet, Phantom Wallet) to the platform and start collecting your Solana PFP NFTs.  

A major reason people are moving towards SOL NFTs is the significantly lower gas fee. Which makes trading and minting much cheaper than on Ethereum.

In this article, we provide you with a list of some of the most significant Solana PFP NFT projects on the Solana Art platform. 

1] Galactic Gecko Space Garage

Galactic Geckos is an algorithmically generated collection of 10K ‘space-racing geckos’ that give you exclusive access to the ‘Space Garage.’ These geckos are divided into four groups: Alura, Targari, Martu, and Barada, who compete in spaceship races. This Solana PFP NFT project was launched in September 2021 with a mint price of just 2 SOL.

Galactic Gecko #3594
  • Current Volume Traded: 203.5K SOL
  • Number of Owners:  969
  • Floor Price: 39 SOL
  • Highest-ever Sale: 

2] Degenerate Ape Academy

Degenerate Apes are a set of 10K programmatically generated Apes that let you become an Ape Academy student. Each Solana PFP NFT is unique and minted from a random combination of 137 traits across seven categories. The project launched in August 2021 with a mint price of 6 SOL. 

Degen Ape #3316

3] SolPunks

SolPunks consist of 10K algorithmically generated Punk characters with a ranked rarity system. This Solana PFP NFT project is inspired by LarvaLabs’ CryptoPunks, but not related to them in any way. Whereas it is challenging to buy CryptoPunks due to the sky-high floor price, anyone could purchase SolPunks during minting.  

SolPunk #8543

4] Bold Badgers Squad

Bold Badgers is a collection of 10K badger-themed NFTs made from a random combination of 170 characteristics. Each of them is unique, with a defined rarity system to rank them. This Solana PFP NFT project launched in August 2021 with a mint price of 5 SOL. 

Bold Badger #8910
  • Current Volume Traded: 204.2K SOL
  • Number of Owners: 1444
  • Floor Price: 3.40 SOL

5] SolBears

SolBears are the 1st generation ‘Soltopians’ consisting of 10K algorithmically generated NFTs made from a random combination of 300K unique traits. Each bear has a different body, hat, face, etc., from the other bears. The 2nd generation Soltopians consist of 10K programmatically generated right-faced cute SolCats. 

SolBear #195
  • Current Volume Traded: 77.8K SOL
  • Number of Owners: 1,334
  • Floor Price: 0.99 SOL

6] Red Panda Squad

Red Pandas are a set of 10K programmatically generated cute red panda-themed NFTs. The NFT artist, JK, has hand-drawn all the panda designs from scratch. The mint price of each of these Solana PFP NFTs was 2.5 SOL and the project donated $10 from each sale to Wildlife funds. They also have a DAO, private website, and Play-to-Earn game planned in their roadmap. 

Red Panda #8157
  • Current Volume Traded: 37.4K SOL
  • Number of Owners: 1,299
  • Floor Price: 4.40 SOL

7] Eternal Beings

Eternal Beings consist of 11.1K algorithmically generated alien-themed NFTs with very similar features to Lil Uzi Vert. The rapper promoted the Solana PFP NFT project on Twitter but later deleted the posts. As a consequence, the floor price crashed from 2.5 SOL to 1.67 SOL. However, the project has airdrops and merchandize sales planned in its roadmap.  

Eternal Beings #344
  • Current Volume Traded: 32.9K SOL
  • Number of Owners: 1,448
  • Floor Price: 0.85 SOL

8] SolDoges

SolDoges consist of 10K algorithmically generated Shiba Inu DOGE-themed NFTs, minted from 300 unique characteristics. This Solana PFP NFT will give you access to Play-to-Earn games and other exclusive community rewards. You can mint your SolDoges at just 0.5 SOL here

9] Boneworld

Boneworld is a set of 10K randomly generated 3D Bone avatars minted from a random combination of 120+ characteristics. Each of these Solana PFP NFTs is rare, with a mint price of 1.45 SOL. Holding these NFTs will give users access to the metaverse, Play-to-Earn games, airdrops, etc. Boneworld is not on Solana Art, but you can find it on Magic Eden

  • Current Volume Traded: 4K SOL
  • Number of Owners: Not Available
  • Floor Price: 1.20 SOL

Stay Safe With Your Solana PFP NFTs

NFT projects are subject to rug pulls, fake websites, unverified market listings, and scam airdrops. Do your research before jumping into the Solana PFP NFT craze. You can read our article on NFT scams to stay safe. Besides that, keep following Airdrop Alerts for crypto news, updates, and scam alerts. 

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