CryptPad, an end-to-end encrypted office & collaboration suite, today announced the start of the roll-out of some major new features for CryptPad. The CryptPad team has integrated the two remaining OnlyOffice editors for text documents and presentations into CryptPad’s real-time encrypted collaboration engine. This completes the OnlyOffice suite, as spreadsheets have been available for some time. As CryptPad’s spreadsheet editor, these two new apps only rely on OnlyOffice’s client-side components, not its server.

Preview of the new Document application

Note, on only people with a subscription will be able to create new documents and presentations in the new applications. The CryptPad team relayed that the suite is still free software and will remain as such. The code for these new integrations is freely available and will be available to all other CryptPad instances if the administrators choose to enable early-access applications.

Preview of the new Presentation application

“Early access means that everything remains open-source, and eventually will be available to everyone. It rewards people who support the project with the first view of much-anticipated applications. This is a new thing for us, but we believe this delay to access new applications is a relatively minor step. The bigger picture is that we are working towards the long-term success of CryptPad. This involves being fully funded by our users while they currently account for only 1/3 of our budget (subscriptions on and donations combined). EU research projects such as NGI DAPSI currently cover the remaining 2/3. We have more ideas to encourage people to support the project, and to involve them in the future of the platform. Our recent work has advanced the state of the art in document conversion in the browser, rather than on the server where user data is exposed. This will be released independently of CryptPad so other projects can reuse it. If you are eager to see this in action and to test the new Document and Presentation applications, please consider subscribing to a plan on to help make CryptPad sustainable for everyone.”
– The Cryptpad Team

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