Crypterium Wallet Aims To Take Traditional Banking And Digital Assets To A Whole New Frontier




In just 30 seconds you can create a wallet capable of supporting a large number of blockchain networks and hundreds of different cryptocurrencies to shield your digital assets out of the reach of third parties. This time we will talk about the benefits that Crypterium offers you by serving as a versatile platform when it comes to buying, exchanging, and selling cryptocurrencies in one place.

What is Crypterium?

Crypterium was born as a fintech startup with the aim of bringing digital technologies to the whole world, specifically cryptocurrency protection solutions through different services such as crypto wallet with which you can execute hundreds of actions in one place, that is, for this reason, this platform has been presented as one of the most versatile tools to position itself as your ideal option today, bridging the gap between traditional and cryptographic economies.

Crypterium is ideal for both novices and experts on a day-to-day basis since, while helping large companies to monetize their sales through digital channels, it also brings cryptocurrencies to all cryptocurrency lovers worldwide, either to accumulate crypto or assets for daily trading. Whatever opportunity you see in this world, Crypterium may be your best option to take advantage of it.

Does Crypterium have its own token?

(CRPT) is the native token of the platform and is used to transfer value within the Crypterium ecosystem quickly and safely with a token burning fee of 0.5% monthly which generates a positive impact on its price by presenting a fully economical deflationary.

Crypterium Visa Card

That’s how easy you can get a Crypterium Visa card to use in more than 200 countries through online purchases and withdrawals at bitcoin ATMs. Visa Crypterium has been created with the aim of saving time in terms of the acquisition of daily products and services, paying directly with virtual currency in more than 42 million establishments worldwide.




  1. Pay instantly in a large number of websites and traditional stores with a limit of up to 10,000 euros per month.
  2. Convert your digital assets into fiat money quickly with withdrawals of up to 2,500 euros per month at compatible bitcoin ATMs.
  3. With only a maintenance cost of 2.99 euros per month Visa Crypterium offers you the possibility of having an active debit card at all times.

“Get a card in just a few minutes? Yes! Apply for a virtual Crypterium Visa card and experience the fastest card issuance ever ”

A little more about Crypterium …

Since 2018 it has presented exponential growth reaching more than 200 countries and being used by more than 42 million stores and retail companies with more than 500 thousand users on its platform that does not stop growing every day. The range of services it offers is extensive and ranges from digital wallet services to the use of your own debit card with which you can pay directly online and offline in traditional stores.

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