The current bull run is a direct outcome of the phenomenal explosion of PFP NFTs. One of the major incentives for the sudden spurt in PFP NFTs is that these are not just financial assets. Thus, your NFTs no longer need to sit idle in your crypto wallets, waiting to appreciate in value. The reason crypto natives are flocking in hordes to this specific NFT niche is to showcase them to a wide audience. 

Now, you can put up your purchased NFTs as a profile picture (PFP) on Twitter or any other social media. This serves two purposes: one, you can brag about your NFT to others; and two, you start building a community. But Twitter PFP NFTs come with their own problems.

The primary confusion is about the authenticity of the PFP NFT. After all, when someone puts up a PFP NFT, they are only using a JPEG image to showcase their collection. This leads to doubts about the true ownership of these NFTs. But crypto Twitterati need not worry anymore. Twitter is bringing in new features to verify these PFP NFTs.

Twitter PFP NFT Verification Is Coming Soon

When a crypto user buys an NFT, the blockchain immutably records the ownership data and transaction history on-chain. Thus, each NFT is unique and two persons will never own the same NFT. But when someone is putting up a PFP NFT on Twitter, how do you verify its true ownership?

To date, there was no mechanism to tell if someone was the actual owner of a PFP NFT. But now, Twitter is bringing an in-development tool to verify the authenticity of a PFP NFT. 

Through this new feature, Twitterati can connect their profiles to their cryptocurrency wallet, and import their entire NFT collection. Then, they will have the liberty to choose something from their personal collection as the PFP NFT. As a marker of authenticity, each of these PFP NFTs will come with a badge to display its legitimacy. 

This announcement comes at a time when major companies are jumping onto the PFP NFT bandwagon. In fact, it is these PFP NFTs that are driving mainstream crypto adoption forward. So, let us take a look at some of the companies that are very much into PFP NFTs.

Companies Adopting PFP NFTs

The following companies are buying into PFP NFTs:


Visa is a USA-based payments technology company with an enterprise valuation of $512 billion. It recently bought an NFT from the famous Larva Labs collection, CryptoPunks, for a whopping $150K (49.5 ETH). To show their support for the NFT movement, they even put up their CryptoPunk #7610 as a Twitter profile picture. 


Sotheby’s is an almost 300 years old auction house for the most exclusive art and luxury collection in the world. It recently conducted an auction of the Bored Ape Yacht Club that recorded $26.2 million in total sales. During the auction, they changed their PFP NFT to a Bored Ape to bring in more buyers to their platform.   

Arizona Iced Tea

Arizona Beverages owned Arizona Iced Tea is an extremely popular drink with a company revenue of over $3 billion. It recently announced the sale of a limited-edition Bored Ape Comic #1, that anyone could mint for 0.04 ETH. The brand used a Bored Ape PFP NFT to raise awareness among its consumers. In addition, they also tweeted they purchased a lazy Lion. 

Airdrop Alert

As you already know, Airdrop Alert is the perfect place to get all the latest information on airdrop campaigns. Ever since 2017, we have been informing our readers about crypto giveaways, new projects, and ways to earn free cryptos. We now have a Lazy Lion as our Twitter PFP NFT to show support for this brilliant NFT project. 

Celebrities Going For PFP NFTs

It is not just a few companies that are getting into PFP NFTs. Celebrities are also part of this craze. Following is a list:

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