Afrostar Strives To Become The United Digital Currency Of Africa, Set to Launch its Token Presale




Africa being one of the most recognized continents where crypto is gaining swift adoption is supporting and taking the crypto ecosystem forward while innovating unique and exclusive infrastructures.

Among the unique infrastructures, the crypto freaked region has seen innovations spring up to further enhance the crypto space, like Afrostar, a platform built to become the united digital currency of Africa.

A recent announcement via a press release revealed plans to launch the platform in three days. The launch will come in three phases with the first phase seeing the platform launch its token pre-sale.

A spokesperson with knowledge about the development of the platform revealed this saying;

“We are proud to announce the revolutionary Afrostar platform to be launched in three phases. The African continent is the future leader of the world, and we want to do our bit to make it possible,”




As said earlier, the first phase will see the launch of the crypto token Afrostar. This will serve as an avenue for interested investors to invest early in the platform. This will raise awareness regarding the platform, and 3% of the tokens will be used to fund local small start-ups. The system will adopt a static reward system that will reward holders per transaction.

The second phase will happen with the launch of the Afrostar coin and the blockchain. This will see the platform featuring its P2P Afrostar Exchange that will strengthen the African economy and entrepreneurship system with quick and fast payment processing.

The third phase of the platform will facilitate the exchange to operate along with an NFT platform. This will provide some exclusive facilities for traders and users of the platform.  The facilities will include copy trading.

The three phases of the platform launch have been structured to facilitate Afrostar to become the one-stop place for all crypto and blockchain requirements across Africa.

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