Are you looking to add some spice to your PFP NFTs collection? Well, have you considered adding some zombie or mutant PFP NFTs to the mix? If you haven’t yet, this is a good blog to scroll through.

As you know, we’ve been publishing several high-quality lists on avatar-type NFTs. As even in this small niche, you can categorize between profile picture types. For example, the pixeled art PFPs are much different from animal-type NFTs. And since we now see celebrities joining the PFP game, what is keeping you from it?

Even though Halloween just passed. Today, we focus on Zombie or Mutant PFP NFTs, which are gaining popularity as we speak. Whether you’re an NFT trader or collector, you can find something below.

List of Zombie & Mutant PFP NFTs

Here’s a list of NFT collections dedicated entirely to the Zombie and Mutant themes. This won’t include any zombie-like versions inside a specific collection, like a zombie crypto punk. No these are collectibles with the whole series in the same theme.

1] Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)

The Bored Ape Yach Club (BAYC) started the trend of mutants. How you ask?

Well, they airdropped a serum to each BAYC holder, which allows you to transform your Bored Ape into a Mutant. Subsequently, 10k new Mutant Apes were available for mint at the cost of 3 ETH each and sold out in a matter of minutes. Which makes this the highest volume traded and most popular mutant PFP.

While the BAYC floor is near 40 ETH, the mutant floor is around 4 ETH. Which allows a more approachable entry into the club. Both Bored and Mutant Apes were invited to the New York City parties thrown by the BAYC and they have more surprises in store for holders over the next months and years.

M2 Mutant Ape #2854

2] Zombie Squirrels

The IMX Zombie Squirrels in an NFT collection of 2.500 1/1 unique Squirrels that live on the Ethereum blockchain. They rise on IMX, which is the first layer 2 for NFTs on Ethereum. This way the extremely high gas fees are eliminated. In addition, this platform provides instant trades and scalability for games, applications, etc.

Currently, this NFT is up for minting for only 0.05 ETH.

On the Zombie Squirrels (ZS) roadmap, we find that the PFP NFT is part of the ‘Squirrelverse’. Holders of the project benefit from future Airdrops and they get a taste of the secondary sales volume! Meaning you can earn $ by holding your ZS NFT.

You can join their discord for more info here or check out this video by CryptoRut about the Zombie Squirrels.

Recently, we covered a deep-dive on this particular project, which you can find right here.

3] Mutant Cats

Mutant Cats is the first DAO that purchases and fractionalizes Cool Cats, CryptoPunks, and more valuable blue chip NFTs. So as an owner of this mutant PFP NFT, you own a share of the DOA.

The $FISH token represents fractional shares of Cool Cats held in their NFT vault. Each Mutant Cat NFT earns 10 FISH per day from staking. This form of earning with NFTs is gaining more popularity, and we’ll see it more with other projects like HeadDAO.

In addition, each Mutant Cat NFT gives you voting rights over the DAO’s assets.

When an NFT is staked, OpenSea doesn’t track the ownership which makes it difficult to make an accurate guesstimation of the total amount of owners. According to the Mutant Cat team, the amount of different holders is nearing 5k.

Mutant Cat #3288

4] Sol Zombie NFT

After Ethereum, Solana is the second most popular blockchain for NFTs. If you’re in the NFT community, eventually you’ll find your way to Sol NFTs. Each high-volume or hyped collectible series on ETH gets a Solana version shortly after. It’s inevitable.

Naturally, we’ll see the trend of Mutant PFP and Zombie PFP collections arise on Solana.

The Project called Living Dead was created on the Solana Network. Each character is unique and has different properties from each other and there are 9,999 unique characters

Like we mentioned before, the trend of earning continues, and passive income will be provided to Sol Zombie NFT owners. With 5% of the royalty commission airdropped to the owners on the last day of each month.

The Sol Zombies are currently mintable. The Pre-sale will consist of two stages:

  • 1. Pre-sale mint cost 0.99 Solana (3999 Pieces)
  • 2. Pre-sale mint cost 1.99 Solana (6000 Pieces)
Sol Zombies NFT

If you’re looking for other Solana PFP NFTs, check out our previous blog on it with 9 Solana PFP NFTs.

5] Mutant Punks City

With every trend, we see a derivative version of Crypto Punks. The mutant trend included, with the recent release of Mutant Punk City. With the pre-sale on November 9th and public sale on Novem 11th, this is a brand new mutant PFP NFT collectible. Without much verification on Opensea or other channels, proceed with caution.

The Mutant Punks City is an NFT collection of 11111 unique Mutant Punks, with a mint price of 0.08 ETH

The team claims that Mutant Punks are just the beginning and they will follow up with burning unsold editions, airdrops, and metaverse utility. Let’s see if they deliver on their roadmap.

As we speak, they are almost sold out, down to their last 500 for mint. After that, you can purchase them on secondary markets like OpenSea.

Mutant Punks #1031

Final Thoughts on Zombie & Mutant PFP Collectibles

My prediction is that we’ll see more Mutant PFP Airdrops on original collectibles, just like the MAYC. Imagine Lazy Lions airdropping Mutant Lions to all their holders. Basically, any NFT collectible can decide to airdrop a mutant version. We’ve seen many holder airdrops already, and more will come in the future.

If you enjoyed this list of mutant and zombie PFPs, a word of advice, do not ape into a random avatar NFT from this list. Take your time, start with window shopping several NFT series just find something you like. One way to do your due diligence is to join the discord of a project. Check out the vibes of the community If you’re wondering what good communities are to join, check out our recent blog on popular NFT communities. Always DYOR, and stay aware of scams in the industry.

If you want to get more updates on NFT airdrops, or related news. Make sure to follow us on Twitter. And if you happen to find an NFT you like with this blog, please share our content with your friends. The more noise you make on social media about our content, the more we will provide. It’s your chance to provide feedback to us, by letting us know you appreciated the articles we write. Sharing is caring.

Lastly, make sure to check out our latest video about NFTs on Youtube by CryptoRut.


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