As 2021 comes to a close, it’s safe to declare PFP NFTs as one of its hottest trends. And for some reason, Ape PFP NFTs have become immensely popular amidst this boom. 

Is it because apes are our ancestors? Or is it the artwork that clicks with the vibes of the times? Could be both, or neither. But one thing’s for sure—people are going ape shit crazy over these PFPs. So, before the next year of innovations arrives, let’s explore some of the leading Ape PFPs that took this one by storm. 

List of 8 Biggest Ape PFP NFTs to Ape In

Are you ready to go bananas? Let’s get started with the leader of the planet of the apes, the infamous BAYC.

1] Bored Ape Yacht Club 

Starting off the list, and leading the pack is BAYC. The collection needs little introduction as it’s the most popular Ape PFP out there. Even Jimmy Fallon, DJ Khaled, Future, Post Malone, and more celebs own one. The Bored Apes are special, as they have transcended the NFT space, conquering the art world at large. So much so that one of these apes sold for $24 million at a Sotheby’s auction.

This week, elite sports brand Adidas even changed their PFP to a Bored Ape on Twitter.

For the purpose of this article, we’re talking about the real BAYC on Ethereum, and not the spin-off on Tron which recently had a $15,000,000 Ape sale to Justin Sun.

Bored Ape PFP #4084
  • Floor Price: 49.21 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 769.0 ETH  
  • Volume: 478.58k ETH+ 
  • Holders Count: 5.9K+

2] Mutant Ape Yacht Club 

Mutant Apes are what you get when you induce the mutant serum to your Bored Ape. That’s how BAYC sold their airdrop of 10,000 new NFTs to existing holders. Bored Apes ingesting the M1, M2, and M3 vials would turn up different results. Market prices went up tens of thousands of dollars immediately after the airdrop. And the early adopters became super-wealthy in the process. 

If you get a Mutant, you have access to some of the same perks as BAYC. Like you can join their exclusive parties for holders only which happened last month in New York, and will happen more in the future.

Mutant Ape PFP #2854
  • Floor Price: 5.841 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 335 ETH 
  • Volume: 412.88k ETH+ 
  • Holder Count: 9,284+ 

3] CyberKongz 

CyberKongz are the apes of a cyberpunk future. These thousand-odd Ape PFPs are randomly-generated, 2-D, 34×34 pixel images. Despite the low publicity, Kongz was quickly bought into on release. And the community has grown steadily ever since. Interestingly, for the next ten years, holders of the first batch of CyberKongz get a payout of 10 $BANANA tokens daily.  Learn more about that here.

Cyberkong #4211
  • Floor Price: 5.4 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: 215 ETH 
  • Volume: 189.89 ETH+ 
  • Holder Count: 1423+ 

4] CyberKongz VX

Being cuberpunk and aware of the future, CyberKongz evolved into CyberKongz VX, the Ape PFP designed for the metaverse. And so, the 15,000 3-D voxel models are playable in several upcoming metaverses. What’s more, is that you can use the $BANANA tokens from your Kongz payout to buy wearables and equipment for your VX model. 

CyberKongz VX #8158
  • Floor Price: 1.1. ETH 
  • Highest Sale: N/A 
  • Volume: 18.1K+ 
  • Holder Count: 3.9K+ 

5] Galactic Apes

There are futuristic apes, but then there are apes from space. The Galactic Apes are on a mission to explore the universe, colonize new planets, and loot treasures. And therefore, this collection of 10,150 Ape PFPs is all set to take root in the metaverse. There’s a breeding program for these apes, as well, aiming to expand the community and scale the universe. 

Galactic Ape PFP #2357
  • Floor Price: 0.56 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: ~0.8 ETH
  • Volume: 16.4K ETH+ 
  • Holder Count: 3.5K+ 

6] Degenerate Ape Academy 

There are also options for people looking for alternatives to ethereum NFTs. Degenerate Ape Academy is Solana’s first million-dollar NFT sale. There are a total of 10,000 Degen Ape PFPs. Minting gives you membership in the “most prestigious academy” built by apes. 

Degen Ape Academy #5130

7] Ape Gang 

Ape Gang images are auto generated by a python script. By combining different traits like furs and eyes, Ape Gang generates 500×500 works of pixel art. The prospect of minting these Ape PFPs is always exciting, as you never know what combination awaits. In addition, Ape Gang has a massive community on Discord

Ape Gang #8889
  • Floor Price: 0.333 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: $121K 
  • Volume: 6.6K+ 
  • Holder Count: 4K+ 

8] Gambling Apes 

Gambling is unique, insofar as you gain ownership in a metaverse casino by minting these Ape PFPs. The ‘LAND’ for the casino comes from Decentraland, but it redistributes profits among the ape token’s holders, on a monthly basis. The Gambling Ape collection comprises 7,777 PFPs, with around 120 traits appearing in random combinations. Purchasing these NFTs is more like investing in a business than artwork. 

Gambling Apes NFT #1085
  • Floor Price: 0.96 ETH 
  • Highest Sale: N/A 
  • Volume: 6.1K+ 
  • Holder Count: 3.7K+ 

So Many Apes to Choose From! 

With so many Ape PFPs to choose from, it can be hard to know what to buy. So, always keep in mind what you are looking for. At the same time, understand that these assets come with their own risks. 

After covering the most popular animal PFPs like Dogs, Cats and today’s Apes. I believe we created a good overview for you to start picking your PFP from. Remember, this might end up being your avatar in a metaverse, so choose wisely. That being said, check out the lastest video by CryptoRut on the biggest metaverses to look forward to.

Before buying an NFT, do your own research to understand the price, liquidity, and security of an NFT. And in case you are going in for NFT airdrops, you can always follow us at Airdrop Alert to stay informed. 

And if you happen to find an Ape PFP you like with this blog, please share our content with your friends. The more noise you make on social media about our content, the more we will provide. It’s your chance to provide feedback to us, by letting us know you appreciated the articles we write. Sharing is caring.


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