Bulldroids NFTs: An Exciting Play-to-Earn Collection!




Do you enjoy historic stories told in pictures and art? Bulldroids is a collection of 10,000 NFTs algorithmically generated on the Ethereum blockchain. Gathered from over 260 traits, these NFTs are completely unique with each entirely different from the other. Because of this, they make a very exciting collection for some adventure in a gaming metaverse.

The Bulldroids are divided into 3 categories with each faction or gang impacting the Metaverse’s evolution and depending on their victories which give them advantages over other gangs.

The first faction is referred to as the Burpoids. This is the faction of the smart thinkers who take in a lot of information and digest it to come up with intelligent plans. They are made up of engineers and builders. They relish an appreciation of their skills and are best known for reflection.

The Fartoids are adventurers that seek to uncover mysteries beyond their space. They are always fueled to go to any extent to crush any obstacle and their greatest asset is instinct.

The Snoroids dwell in a realm between sleep and life, which means they are always half awake and half asleep. These are the spiritual bulldroids and their minds try to decipher the deepest mysteries of the universe. They are highly intuitive and hate to be disturbed.




How the Bulldroids’ Play-to-Earn Game works

As a player, you will fight the bulldroids from different gangs in one-on-one fights. You will be rewarded with K-9 every time you win. K-9 is mysterious stone scientists found when they landed on a wild planet, according to the epic story from which Bulldroids were invented. K-9 helps you to evolve in the bulldroid’s world and also serves as a cryptocurrency. The whole game is about gathering them.

The Bulldroids can earn K9 that will help shape their character by participating in duels every day. They also receive a new generation of NFT and participate in the metaverse by getting more K-9. The game will be available for mobile, laptop, and even desktop computers, so anyone can play at any time.

By harnessing their unique genetic characteristics such as pawer score, lazy score, and bulldro-shed charge, the bulldroids can gain an advantage over their opponents in fights and gather more K-9. The metaverse for the game is an ever-growing world known as the Buldro World.

As a part of the metaverse, you are allowed to interact with the environment. Bulldroid owners can help shape the development of the metaverse by actively participating in the activities of the community. The activities include winning the mystery in the legendary K9 cave and participating in monthly competitions.

Upcoming presale

The Bulldroids game is scheduled to launch on 14th January 2022. This will unfold in many stages until Q4 of 2022 when the Metaverse V will be released which will have an Art gallery, casino, theme park, etc. the native token, K-9 will also be listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko followed by Gen 2 game Launch voted by the community.

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