Constellation Network, a Web3 blockchain ecosystem that bridges crypto economies with traditional businesses, announced the pre-sale of its first hardware product, the Dôr Traffic Miner. This device demonstrates that anybody can earn crypto easily through offline activities. Owners simply apply the Dôr Traffic Miner to any doorway to calculate foot traffic. They’ll earn crypto rewards while it does so. That’s it.

Ben Jorgensen, co-founder, and CEO at Constellation Network explains that it’s exactly this kind of simplicity that sets the Dôr Traffic Miner apart:

“Traditional mining is energy-intensive and complicated, requiring costly hardware investments and advanced technical know-how. Constellation wants to make mining something anyone can do. Our Traffic Miner will make learning crypto easy, fun, and affordable for anyone curious about token economics. Just peel-and-stick it wherever you want, it’s that easy to get started.”

Before users have the device in hand, they reserve one through an NFT purchase from an exclusive batch set to release later in the month. When they connect their NFT to the Constellation Mining Platform, they can still start earning crypto rewards right away. Each NFT represents a ticket to exchange for the Dôr Traffic Miner when it becomes available later in 2022.

Dor + Constellation

Retail analytics startup Dôr, acquired by Constellation in October 2021, developed the battery-operated Traffic Miner hardware and software technology to include proprietary thermal-sensing hardware and machine learning algorithms. It anonymously counts foot traffic without detecting or recording any personally identifying information while mining and rewarding Constellation’s token ($DAG) and distributing it to the hardware owners.

As Michael Brand, co-founder of Dôr and Chief Product Officer at Constellation Network, explains, it’s exciting to see others benefit from Dôr’s successful deployment of over 3,000-foot traffic sensors:

“Individuals and third-party operators can purchase our Traffic Miners, install them, and share in the economic rewards generated by the data they collect.”

To get notified when the NFTs become available for purchase so you can join the Dôr Traffic Miner pre-order list, provide your email here.

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