In an attempt to offer something new, certain online casinos push the boundaries of the industry by trying to be as innovative as possible. This often results in new features, special bonuses, and the addition of new and easy-to-use online payment solutions. The latter plays a key role for some people when choosing an iGaming company, which is why many casino websites try to include as many options as possible.

Some people prefer the classic payment alternative because they know how to use them and what to expect. Yet, others are willing to experiment with things, such as cryptocurrencies. That’s one of the reasons why various sites accept these online payment solutions.

People interested in those this know that there are thousands of currencies. However, most betting platforms only offer a handful of them, so let’s go over some of the popular alternatives. We won’t include Bitcoin because this option is accessible on sites that don’t focus only on these payment solutions.


Often called the silver of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is one of the hottest names for digital currencies. Finding a solid iGaming site where you can use this option is not easy. However, thanks to Betenemy, you can check some of the most popular online crypto casinos where BTC, ETH, and LTC are accepted and pick a brand that offers different privileges for cryptocurrency users. Most of these sites have established themselves in this business, making them the go-to options for many punters.

Besides being a popular option for iGaming enthusiasts, Ethereum plays a major role in all sorts of projects. That’s one of the main reasons why its price could increase in the future.


People who have previous experience with online casinos that offer digital currencies have stumbled upon XRP. This used to be one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in iGaming a couple of years ago. Even though many online betting platforms allow their punters to make transactions with it, XRP is not as big as it once was. Yet, with a market cap of nearly $37 billion, it is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world. That’s why it continues to be the preferred option for some online punters. 


One of the digital currencies that are becoming increasingly popular among traders and “investors” is Polygon. Even though this option may not have the market cap of things, such as Ethereum or XRP, it has a lot of users worldwide. Consequently, those who read Betenemy’s reviews about some of the best online crypto casinos will see that certain companies offer this option.

Similar to other digital currencies, Polygon’s value changes daily. Consequently, you should check how much it is worth before making a transaction.


While it is true that Tron is not as big as other digital currencies on this list, it is one of the options available to online punters. In addition to making payments, this option often gives people access to different kinds of rewards. For example, some online casinos offer special deposit bonuses.

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