Let’s face it, the world around us changes every day. Technology has never been as advanced as it is today, allowing us to do all sorts of things unavailable several years ago. For example, we can use smartphones, which give us the option to make phone calls, play games, and use millions of applications.

Besides smartphones, another thing that changed the world as we know it is digital currencies. Bitcoin became available more than twelve years ago, and since then, it has become the industry-leading cryptocurrency. While it is true that these payment options are not as popular as the standard alternatives yet, this is prone to change in the future. The transition has already started, judging from what happened with the online betting industry.

Speaking of the devil, digital currencies already have a massive effect on the online betting industry. If you take a look at Silentbet, you can check this ranking with the most trusted casinos accepting Bitcoin, LTC, ETH, and much more, and you can see that many industry-leading brands already allow their users to make crypto payments. They offer dynamic minimum conditions and even special promos in order to stimulate people to use them as often as possible.

Of course, not everyone is keen on using digital currencies for online betting because some iGaming fans prefer to trust their favorite e-wallet and credit/debit card. Even though those solutions will do the job, cryptocurrencies are the only options that give bettors the opportunity to hide their personal information when making a transaction. This is extremely important for people who live in jurisdictions where online betting is not allowed.

Cryptocurrencies are one of the best payment options when it comes down to avoiding the extra fees

One of the problems that some online bettors have to face when deciding which betting operator to put to the test is that they need to pay extra fees when making a deposit. Even though some casinos do not impose this requirement, banks usually require you to pay a small amount on each transaction. The fee can be flat, but there are cases where it is percentage-based, which means you may have to spend a lot of money when making a more substantial transaction.

Luckily, this is not something that you need to worry about if you use any of the cryptocurrency casinos available at Silentbet. Thanks to these innovative online payment solutions, these brands do not require people to pay anything else other than the amount they want to deposit. The same applies to withdrawals, which means internet users who bet online will probably get 100% of their winnings if they play slots or any other of the casino games and win.

Cryptocurrencies allow iGaming operators to offer more bonuses

When people think of cryptocurrencies and online betting, they assume that casinos only use those things as a way to diversify their payment solutions. This may be true up to a point, but some brands take it one step further. Besides adding more payment options, they use the currencies to offer their users special promotions.

Various bonuses can be used by online bettors who make crypto payments. For example, some bookies offer things, such as free crypto bets, whereas online casinos are known for their free spins and reload promotions. Before you decide to put the crypto bonus to the test, make sure to learn more about its distinctive conditions.

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