Women NFTs have become a new movement in the digital space to represent and celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Some of these collections have also crashed elusive “boys clubs” while lifting their counterparts.

People from across the world are investing in these NFT collections to show support to their fellow beings and the cause. NFT collectibles like World of Women are also breaking the price ceiling with their ever-increasing popularity. 

Keeping the same spirit alive, we bring you the most hyped women NFTs that are a must to add to your collection and keep a watch on this growing space.

1] World of Women

“World of Women” has proven that women NFTs aren’t behind when it comes to popularity and price. Created and illustrated by Yam Karkai, World of Women celebrates representation, equality, and inclusivity for all. This is a first-of-its-kind collection that features the power and diversity of women.

WOW is a randomly generated PFP collectibles of various rarity living on Ethereum as ERC-721 tokens that are hosted on IPFS. It is empowering women through art while promoting diversity.

Woman #162
  • Collection size: 10,000
  • Floor Price: 8.8 ETH 
  • Owners: 5.1k
  • Volume traded: 49.5k ETH
  • Last highest sale: Woman #9248 for 260 ETH

2] Crypto Chicks

When the coolest chicks are in town, everybody pays attention. Launched by an all-women team in May 2021, Crypto Chicks represent independent and powerful yet chic women of the world.

With rare attributes, Crypto Chicks is a collection of gorgeous, proud, independent, and empowered girls in the crypto space. While these are the 2nd generation collectibles, they are also one of the most talked-about women NFT projects. 

Crypto Chick #3011
  • Collection size: 10,000
  • Floor Price: 1.4 ETH
  • Owners: 4.4k
  • Volume traded: 9.2k ETH
  • Last highest sale: Crypto Chick #1534 for 11 ETH

3] 8SIAN

Asian culture is rich in diversity and festival colors. To celebrate the history and spirit of different Asian cultures, the 8SIAN NFT collection celebrates women of Asia, inclusivity, and rich history. It is one of the fastest-selling women NFT collections that also bridges Asian culture and its women with Metaverse. 

A collection of beautiful women, 8SIAN PFP collectibles have a variety of rare attributes living on Ethereum as ERC-721 tokens that are hosted as IPFS. Its VIP Gold Pass is designed especially for members to recognize early support by giving a lifetime membership to access different perks.

8Sian #4431
  • Collection size: 8,888
  • Floor Price: 0.19 ETH
  • Owners: 4.5k
  • Volume traded: 4.3k ETH
  • Last highest sale: 8SIAN Chang Er Goddess for 10 ETH

4] FameLadySquad

The world of women NFTs just got better with the FameLadySquad NFT collection. Launched in June 2021, it is the first-ever all-female generative avatar collection quietly crashing the boys-only party on Ethereum. 

Created with multiple unique attributes, FLS is a collection of distinctive ladies that has her story to tell. Fierce trait combinations make the collection modern, exciting, and powerful in the world of women NFTs. The women represented in this collection are all regular but with diversity and their uniqueness.

Fame Lady #6038
  • Collection size: 8,888
  • Floor Price: 0.295 ETH
  • Owners: 3.8k
  • Volume traded: 3.1k ETH
  • Last highest sale: Fame Lady #3703 for 20 ETH

5] Women and Weapons 

If someone says women aren’t badass, this NFT collection “Women and Weapons” is here to prove them wrong. Created by Sara Baumann a.k.a Sparky, the collection represents badass and diverse women with a mid-century style. With hand-drawn traits and algorithmically-generated NFT avatars, these women NFTs are filled with awesome weapons.

The collection symbolizes that while women can be kind and intelligent, they are a gun or knuckles away from being a badass. Launched in October 2021, the Women and Weapons community also donates 5% of their profits to the Malala Fund.

WAM #1114
  • Collection size: 10,000
  • Floor Price: 0.49 ETH
  • Owners: 5.6k
  • Volume traded: 4.0k ETH
  • Last highest sale: WAW #460 for 8 ETH

Closing Thoughts

One new woman PFP NFT entering the scene from Korea is Zipcy’s. They did over 20k ETH in volume before the images were revealed. Impressive to say the least, and worth keeping an eye on.

The number of women NFTs has risen in the past few months as they break the glass ceiling and crash elusive high-sale clubs. All these collections celebrate women of different ethnicities and badassery. As the representation in women NFTs grows, it is interesting to see if anyone can reach the levels of PhantaBears, Bored Ape, or CryptoPunks.

The movement has already started. Only time will tell how this space brings equality that these women NFTs represent. Keep an eye for any future whitelist spots of new NFT collections.

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