Blocknative, the real-time blockchain infrastructure company, announced it has launched beta support for Fantom, a layer-1 EVM-compatible blockchain across its core mempool data platform, empowering Web3 developers, dApps, and traders within the Fantom ecosystem to leverage critical, pre-chain infrastructure to improve user visibility and experience.

For Fantom developers and dApps, the partnership unlocks new capabilities that enable them to build more reliable, user-friendly projects. For Fantom traders, real-time visibility into the status of every in-flight transaction provides the opportunity to overlay their existing trading strategies for better-informed trades.

“We are excited to bring Blocknative’s real-time capabilities to the Fantom ecosystem. Our Transaction Orchestration platform levels the playing field for Fantom builders, traders, and end-users by delivering unmatched transparency and programmability to each stage of the transaction lifecycle.”
– Matt Cutler, CEO & Co-Founder of Blocknative

Capabilities unlocked for Web3 developers and dApps include gaining visibility into how Fantom-based protocols are being used in the wild, helping users connect to Fantom-enabled dApps, and delivering in-flight Fantom transaction notifications.

Additionally, traders can gain an edge by building and filtering real-time Fantom transaction event streams while integrating them directly into trading strategies, in addition to ABI decoding for Fantom smart contracts such as Quickswap, Aave, and Aavegotchi or custom ABIs for Fantom-based smart contracts.

“Our goal at Fantom is to cement our place as the most developer-friendly blockchain in the industry and this Blocknative integration is an important piece of that puzzle. Their tooling is easy to use and will streamline user wallet connectivity, transaction notifications, and more. This enables Fantom developers to focus on their innovative projects.”
– Michael Kong, CEO of Fantom

The beta release with Fantom supports API and SDK, Mempool Explorer, Onboard, and Notify, with future enhancements to include support for Fantom testnet, transaction preview and simulation, and gas platform fee estimate.

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