ARK, a fully customizable blockchain framework with TypeScript, announced today that a new version of Payvo, its cryptocurrency wallet app for ARK-based blockchains will soon be launched.

One of the main differences is a transition from a desktop app to a completely web-based application. Currently, the ARK team plans for the public beta version to be available by the first half of March.

The beta version will support the following features:

  • Fully Customizable Networks – Decide which networks are active and inactive.
  • Custom Networks – Add any v2.7+ core-based network to Payvo by providing a valid node address.
  • Server Management – Add custom nodes for interacting and/or broadcasting transactions.
  • Swap Integration – Comes with built-in integration for both ChangeNow and Changelly.

Some of the advantages for Payvo in moving to a web-based app include:

  • Always Fresh – Users no longer have to worry whether they have the most recent version or not, it will always be up-to-date.
  • Multiple Operating Systems – With the shift to a web-based app, Payvo becomes ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Whether using a desktop, laptop, iPad, or mobile phone, Payvo will provide a unified experience across all devices. A major benefit also goes to developers who no longer need to maintain multiple codebases or submit to Apple or Google for approval of the mobile app.
  • White Label & Built for ARK – Originally envisioned as a multi-wallet that would support BTC, Ethereum, and other assets, Payvo will persist solely on providing the best possible solution for the ARK ecosystem and those who fork the ARK blockchain framework. Moreover, Payvo will be moving away from running ‘Live Service’ apps directly from the ARK ecosystem. Everything that is built will be available as open-source software for anyone to run.

“We could not be more excited to get Payvo into your hands. We believe these changes make for the best wallet we have ever produced and will provide for a more robust, futureproof white-label solution for ARK-based blockchains.”
– The ARK Team

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