Boba Network, a next-generation Ethereum layer-2 Optimistic Rollup scaling solution, today announced that their Hybrid Compute solution is live on Ethereum mainnet. Hybrid Compute integrates smart contracts with technologies like AI and machine learning to trigger more complex algorithms off-chain.

“We have been digging deeper at what is constraining the growth of Ethereum, certainly the cost and the speed are known issues, but there is one dimension that has been neglected, and that is limitations when it comes to what developers can do on a smart contract today. The complexity of the algorithms means they are too expensive and too slow to execute very quickly.”
– Alan Chiu, Founder of BOBA Network

Developers can deploy DeFi protocols that leverage an off-chain model that’s more capital efficient as opposed to on-chain or develop games and metaverses that take advantage of the scalable nature of off-chain compute to augment their on-chain contracts to deliver a more sophisticated user experience. Additional use-cases include the creation of NFTs that evolve based on gameplay or real-world data.

By deploying Hybrid Compute on Ethereum mainnet, the Boba Network team gives new powers to developers to decide what they want to do in a smart contract and what they want to do off-chain, something that was not possible before.

“To fulfill the full potential of Ethereum, there needs to be a collective effort to attract top developers from around the world to interact with blockchain. We believe that a more connected computer means more creative and better designed decentralized systems,” explains Alan Chiu.

To experiment with the capabilities of Hybrid Compute, Boba Network has planned hackathons where developers can test out how best to use this innovation in areas such as machine learning, data science, or quantum computing. This is to attract a wider pool of developers outside of the native web 3.0 space and encourage greater collaboration between diverse talents.

The first online hackathon is planned for the 21st of March in collaboration with DoraHacks.

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